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Green Hydrogen in Brazil: Webinar to present market opportunities and business

We start the year with the meeting: “Green hydrogen in Brazil: Webinar to present market opportunities and business mission in 2023”.

Companies and members of the H2GLOBAL ecosystem have organised this webinar to communicate the situation of hydrogen as an energy vector and its development in the booming Brazilian market.

This is part of the actions undertaken by the H2GLOBAL project to support the internationalisation of companies in the carbon-free hydrogen sector.

We invite you to the webinar presenting the Brazilian market opportunities and the business mission that will take place on 18 January at 3:00 pm (CET).

Welcome speech, by José Oliveira Paulo, EnergyIN
H2Global Presentation: by Agata Horwacik, FHA -Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon
National strategy towards H2 in Brazil and H2 projects by Gabriel Lassery, ABH2-Associação Brasileira do Hidrogénio(TBC)
Business opportunities in Brazil by Francisco Saião Costa, AICEPPortugal Global Brazil
Strategy and developments for Hydrogen in the State of Ceará, by Câmara de Comércio e IndústriaPortugal | Brasil no Ceará
Business case study: Projectat theComplexo Industrial e Portuário do Pecém (CIPP) by Paulo Jorge Félix
EDP Brasil- Q&A session – Conclusion/next steps, by José Oliveira Paulo,

You can register by clicking here.

For more information, please contact:

José Oliveira Paulo, President of Board

jose.paulo@energyin.pt Mob: +35192525666 633

Teresa Bertrand, Europe/International Project Manager


Mob: +35196262991 742