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H2GLOBAL Project partners meeting in Portugal

H2GLOBAL Project partners have met during a 2-day conference in Lisbon, organised by EnergyIN. EnergyIN has been in a growing path as a cluster organisation since its operational start in 2010.

It has strived to bring together different companies (including large and small) and research institutions in the field of energy in an effort to develop cluster dynamics.

H2GLOBAL clustering

Clustering is a concept that, although proven successful in other sectors and countries, still has not been fully developed for the energy players in Portugal, and EnergyIN has taken up the role of trying to develop a dialogue towards the increased cooperation, innovation and internationalisation. Its impact in business growth and competitiveness is still incipient, as the results are to be expected in the medium and longer term.

During the meeting we visited the GALP refinery, the only refinery in Portugal where hydrogen is produced. There, a green hydrogen pilot project is planned for the future.

Besides the refinery, the partners also had the opportunity to visit the EDP thermoelectric power plant, where the GreenH2Atlantic project was presented.

GreenH2Atlantic was one of the three projects selected in the framework of the Horizon 2020 – Green Deal programme. The objective was to demonstrate the feasibility of green hydrogen on an unprecedented scale of production and technological application. 

The next project mission will take place in September in Spain, where the results of the project will be shared as well as the follow-up and strategy of the project, in order to promote B2B and thus encourage the meeting of new opportunities for collaborations between small and medium-sized companies in our European countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Poland.