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Mission in Morocco, a pioneer country for green hydrogen

Mission in Morocco, a pioneer country for green hydrogen.

Morocco has adopted an ambitious roadmap to develop the production and uses of green hydrogen, relying in particular on the implementation of international partnerships.

On behalf of H2Global meta-cluster, Capenergies led a EU delegation to meet public and private contractors and initiate first collaborations, involving:

– 5 european innovative companies in the hydrogen sector: Hydrogen Refueling Solutions, MGH Energy, Teréga Solutions, Artelia, SIS solutions, and Kouros Investments;

Total Energies, as a partner to support the international development of businesses in the region and thus contribute to the economic development of territories.

During 3 days, from September 19 to 21, there were numerous contacts. Started at the French Embassy in Morocco, discussions continued as part of BtoB meetings between French and Moroccan companies at the show, in the presence of Paul Lucchese, President of the Hydrogen Agreement of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The Power-to-X Summit gathered 1100 participants, from 35 Countries, involving 175 speakers, and allowing the signature of 8 agreements, among which the cooperation agreement signed by Capenergies with the GreenH2 Cluster, considered the core of the hydrogen ecosystem in Morocco. Objective of this MoU is to strengthen over time the relationships between the different low-carbon hydrogen ecosystems in Europe and in Morocco.

The Power-to-X summit confirmed the vision we have in the H2Global project. During the Summit, the determined efforts of countries like Korea, pursuing ambitious projects, were highlighted, as well as Spain’s commitment to collaborative research, forming a compelling story of unity in the pursuit of a cleaner, more sustainable future. This collaborative framework extends its scope to include Morocco as an essential building block in the ambitious global context.

Morocco’s inclusion signifies a harmonious commitment, highlighting a collective journey towards cleaner and greener energy solutions. Together, these nations are creating a dynamic alliance, fostering a shared understanding of the importance of collaboration to pave the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

Each country brings its unique strengths, creating a powerful synergy for a greener future where Africa and Morocco are active strategic partners.