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hanks to the new Law on Electrical Energy Storage and Electromobility, renewables will now have an even greater role to play, which aims to increase the share of renewable energies in the electricity matrix through the promotion of storage technologies. The new regulatory framework allows stand-alone storage systems to be integrated into new segments such as PMGD, PMG and Net Billing and allows these systems to provide new services and receive the corresponding remuneration.

Did you know that Chile could represent one of the keys to the climate solution? The Latin American country has 23% of copper reserves, 51% of lithium reserves and a high potential in renewable energy, which could reach almost 70 times today’s total. With all the renewable energy, Chile could produce 200 mton annually of renewable hydrogen, the equivalent of three times the H2 produced in the world today, or 6 times the ammonia.

According to Chile’s national hydrogen strategy, between now and 2030 Chile will be able to produce the cheapest renewable H2 on the planet at US$1.5/kg; with more than 25GW of electrolyzers producing green H2 in Chile.

Chile’s government through CORFO has invested US$ 50 million in 6 demonstration pilot projects. And this is only the beginning, as more than 61 renewable H2 projects have been announced and are currently in different stages of development.

You cannot miss RENMAD CHILE: Hidrógeno / Almacenamiento. We will spend two full days discussing and sharing experiences on the future of hydrogen and energy storage in Chile. With over 70 expert speakers, more than 200 top-level professionals and over 7 hours of networking, it’s the perfect opportunity to create alliances with key players in the sector!


H2 MEET is the world’s largest H2 Industry exhibition. H2 MEET 2022 will be held on Aug. 31(Wed) – Sep. 3(Sat), 2022 at KINTEX, SOUTH KOREA

H2 MEET, which started as the title of ‘H2 Mobility+Energy Show’, has now become an international event covering the entire hydrogen industry. We are doing our best to build business partnerships and create tangible results with the participation of many global exhibitors and institutions equipped with cutting-edge technologies in the hydrogen field.

  • A Cutting-edge Exhibition that Aims to Lead Technology Innovation in the Hydrogen Industry
  • A Networking Exhibition Where New Policies, Visions, and Opinions are Exchanged
  • A Business Exhibition Where New Ventures and Proposed Businesses are Promoted


19-21 September, 2023 – Marrakesh – Guelmim

WorldPtXSummit™ is the leading event on green hydrogen and clean molecules both at the national and continental level. This annual venue is renowned as a landmark event that brings together policy-makers, industry leaders, research experts and global innovators in the field of green hydrogen.

The aim of this gathering is showcasing first-movers success stories around carbon-free hydrogen and clean molecules, collaboratively exploring pathways of scaling-up projects throughout Power-to-X value chain, as well as debating ways to harmonize roadmaps of contiguous countries and adjacent regions.

The ultimate goal of the WorldPtXSummit™ is to drive momentum toward a global promising future based on a sustainable economy with a climate-friendly energy ecosystem of which carbon-free hydrogen and clean high-value molecules are key pieces of the puzzle. Join us  +150 Speakers +1000 expected participants.

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📩 Chile Mission contact Agata Horwacik ahorwacik@hidrogenoaragon.org
📩 South Korea Mission contact Tiziana Campisi tcampisi@libero.it and Magdalena Raczyńska m.raczynska@rigp.pl
📩 Morocco Mission contact Héloïse Delseny heloise.delseny@capenergies.fr
📩 Brazil Mission contact José Oliveira Paulo jose.paulo@energyin.pt