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13th to 16th of September-H2GLOBAL mission in South Korea

Our project continues to advance in its international missions. This time, our partner GreenTech takes the project to South Korea. The H2GLOBAL mission in South Korea will be held from 13th to 16th of September with a technical visit in Ulsan on 12th September attended by a small project delegation. The full delegation, composed of H2GLOBAL consortium and EU companies, will attend the H2MEET conference & event in KINTEX venue (near Seoul) for 2 days, and will meet H2-related Korean companies and organisations over all the period mission. The aim of the mission is at investigating the H2 market in Korea, discovering the low-carbon hydrogen  industrial sectors and to creating new alliance with Asian companies and organisations to foster the European energy transition.

More information regarding our South Korea Mission: 

Organizer: Greentech & RIGP-CHT

Contact Greentech: Tiziana tcampisi@libero.it

Contact RIGP-CHT: Magdalena Raczyńska m.raczynska@rigp.pl

Co-organizer and support: KOTRA and DELTA-TECH KOREA

Kotra Paris: Panoramica | LinkedIn

Kotra Milano | LinkedIn