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H2GLOBAL stands out among the projects presented at RENMAD CHILE 2023

On the 2nd and 3rd of August our project coordinator, Fundación Hidrógeno Aragón, participated in “RENMAD Chile 2023: H2 renewable and energy storage”, an international event led by ATA Insights and sponsored by H2 Chile. This initiative is part of the internationalisation mission with the aim of strengthening ties with the Chilean country.

During two days of discussion and analysis on key issues for the development of the green hydrogen industry, aspects such as: regulation, permitting, financing, certification, advances in projects in Chile, business models, value chain, innovation and technology will be on the table.

There will be more than 70 speakers and around 200 executives, and 50 SMEs (including 7 from the US) and 58 large companies (including 13 from the US) had the opportunity to learn about our project.

It has been an excellent experience for the project in which we confirmed the great potential of Chile for its renewable resources, which allows to reach the lowest prices for green hydrogen. In addition to confirming that there is a strong need to cover the local demand in Chile and to develop both small local projects and large scale projects to reach competitive hydrogen prices. This will be possible by collaborating with key actors in the hydrogen sector.

And finally, to highlight the importance of involving the public and private sector to materialise and realise hydrogen projects, as well as to build on experiences and lessons learned and exchange them through collaborations at national and international level.

Thanks to the speakers who joined us for our round table:

Agata Horwacik (Cluster FHa, SP) – Technical Specialist Consulting and Training Dep.
Pierre Ceccaldi (Capenergies Cluster FR) – Project Engineer in charge of the French regional club H2
Tiziana Campisi (Cluster Greentech IT)
José Oliveira Paulo (EnergyIN Cluster PT)
Żaneta Kłostowska (Hydrogen Technologies Cluster PL)