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JOIN US! WEBINAR 13.09.2023“Be Brief, Relevant, and Impactful”


Our Consortium partner CAPENERGIES  has the pleasure to invite you to the following webinar Present your business in English  “Be Brief, Relevant, and Impactful”, offered by Totalenergies in the framework of our collaboration towards the mission in Morocco.

During the session, these will be the key aspects to be explored in greater depth:


What is an elevator pitch? What is the principle ? Introduction to training

  • Evaluation of the evolution with our relationship to time
  • Return to the societal notion of “I don’t have time” or immediacy
  • The evolution of technology that influences our behavior

Build your elevator pitch in English and prepare your speech

  • Identify the key elements of my intervention and its objectives
  • Structure your speech by showing a spirit of synthesis
  • Identify the essential points
  • Prefer short sentences and an adapted vocabulary in English
  • Streamline your intervention: target useful content
  • How to write your message in English? Method
  • Target vocabulary and key words in English
  • Do not want to say too much, present the essential and animate your speech “Less = More”

What posture to adopt?

  • Manage your speaking rate
  • Master your intonation and pronunciation
  • Adapt their gestures and attitude to their speech
  • Tips for capturing the attention of your interlocutor

Practice and teaching method

  • Group reflections guided by the facilitator
  • Each participant presents their pitch with possible video feedback
  • Feedback from trainees on the pitch: opinion on the issue, experiences
  • Training in the form of a workshop / theoretical contributions. The trainees will be brought to practice through practical exercises. Each exercise will be punctuated by theoretical contributions in order to make the training operational.

These are the attitudes and skills that the practitioner will gain after the session:

  • Understand the principle of the “elevator pitch” and the presentation in less than 3 minutes
  • Identify the points to be addressed while favouring a fluid speech without impoverishing it, developing its spirit of synthesis
  • Streamline your presentation to focus on the essentials in less than 3 minutes
  • Gain sufficient oral fluency to present your pitch with confidence


  • Prerequisite level in English: B1 (intermediate)
  • An oral level test (by telephone) is offered to each company if needed
  • The first elements of work will be sent to each participant so that they can start thinking before the workshop


Send your interest by email to david.campos@capenergies.fr or heloise.delseny@capenergies.fr